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        COSCO Shipping Company Limited (COSCOL) was founded on 8 December 1999. As the first company to enter China’s capital market with COSCO’s core business, COSCOL(600428) went public at Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) on 18 April 2002. Aimed at the intended goal, COSCOL has established a fleet of vigorous competitiveness, developed a group of valuable clients and cultivated a team of high quality staff. Within years COSCOL has shot up to one of China’s or even the world’s greatest companies with specialized ships and has been selected into the first sample shares of SSE Corporate Governance Index. COSCOL owns and operates nearly 100 ships including semi-submersible, heavy lift, multi-purpose, ro-ro /lo-lo, general cargo ships and pure car carriers. Based on mainland China, COSCOL has formed a global operating network covering Hong Kong, South Korea, Southeast Asia, US, Europe, Australia, Africa and West Asia. It has created a competitive shipping advantage in regular liner service from Far East to Med, Europe, Persian Gulf, America and Africa.


Over the years since its establishment, COSCOL has been dedicating itself to the transport of oversized and super-heavy cargoes, uncontainerizable cargoes as well as cargoes with special loading and unloading requirements including jack-up rigs, naval ships, locomotives, dredgers, bridge cranes and complete set equipments. In general, it has been endeavoring to lead the international specialized shipping market.


COSCOL has cultivated an outstanding management team perfectly good at technology, management and operation. In addition, it possesses thousands of excellent seafarers who can work very hard and well combat difficulties. Well educated, trained and experienced, they can skillfully maneuver all kinds of ships such as semi-submersible, heavy lift, multi-purpose, container, general cargo and ro-ro /lo-lo ships, bulk carriers, lumber carriers and pure car carriers. Apart from manning its own ships, COSCOL also exports seafarers. Thus it has become an important force in the global labor market of seafarers.